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If your class or organization would like to schedule a  presentation, please contact us at 330-549-1111 to make arrangements.



Why do Americans have such a poor reputation in the world as pet owners? Consider two facts about our country…

  1. In America only one out of ten pets stay in their original home.

  2. Only one out of ten pets in America see their second birthday even though their  life span is twelve to twenty years!

Pretty sad, isn’t it? Why? One word can sum it up – ignorance. How can it be in this great land that no one knows the sad life of a throwaway pet? It’s because for as long as we have known, pounds and shelters across this land have effectively “killed” the problem. Day after day millions of animals are euthanized, bagged up and pitched just like the rest of our society’s unwanted trash.

You don’t have to go far to get the picture. Most people use the phrase “get rid of” when referring to finding a different home for a pet. It’s just been in our society for so long. How can this change? It can only change by changing the attitude of our young people.

This is why an aggressive outreach program is so important. Our goal is to get at least one presentation to every school in our area at least once a year. Just bringing live pets into a classroom brings children to life and gets their attention by explaining to them that these are domestic, not wild, animals that are dependent on humans for care and food. It is very eye-opening.

We will visit any class from grades one to twelve with more detail given to older children. We have video presentations called “Power of Compassion” and “Throwaways” for the high school students. These videos depict the actual process of euthanasia, and the subject is touched on for the presentation to younger grades. The heart of the message is this-don’t let unwanted pets be born, take care of the ones you have.

We offer presentations to any group-service organizations who need speakers, nursing homes and even children’s parties. These are all opportunities to get the message out there. All pets need and deserve permanent life-long homes.

                                                 --Diane Less
                                                    June 10, 2009

Last Revised: Novemeber 1, 2010

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