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In Memory Of...
David Ashton from
Fred & Janet Schweitzer
Nancy Baughman from
Louise & John Dyer
Betty Berry from
Mr Brent Wilson
Marilyn Eberhart Dull from
The Anderson Family and everyone at Liberty Realty/Gander Properties
Frank & Grazia Arundel Jr.
Bill & Patty Beard
Ronald & Julia Brewer
Joseph & Betsy Campana
William & Alexandria Copich
David Crossman
Ms. Pamela Davies
Wendy & Daniel Dobres
Jeffrey Dull
Scotter, Annie, Katherine and Elizabeth Dull
Glen & Rosalyn Gault
Suzanne & James Gomochak
Anthony & Nora Pilolli
Thomas and Mary Pokabla
The Rosenbergs
Barbara Simpson
Richard & Barbara Shramo
Joseph Tahos
Testa Family
Warren Glass & Paint
Donald "Fats" Williams
Harvey Hood from
Harvey & Christine Haynam
Karen Loprire
Darla Hull from
Tracey & Brian Colvin
Cynthia Moran from
Gail Steele
Susan Stafanik from
Patricia Coy
Gayle A. Wakefield from
Patti Rohr
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Maxine" beloved companion of Phil & Judy Patton from Brian & Sandra Mitchell  
 Honors / Tributes
Happy Birthday Diane from Judy Clement  
 Brick Memorials
Angel Wing Donations - building our future
Sq Foot Donations - to the Angel Wing
In memory of Shirley Miller from Sandy Conn - 1 sq foot
In memory of Anna Marie Lukco from Jane Valvoda - 1 sq foot  
In memory of "Lacey" companion of Mary Jane Backus - 1 sq foot  
 Thank You Notes...
General / Fund Contributions
Nicki Geraci
Dr. Ben Hollis
Cheryl Michels
Gail Steele - Happy Valentines Day to all the precious dogs and cats
TJ Theis
Jill Trimble

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