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Grooming Services

Angels for Animals does offer grooming services for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and various exotic animals.  We offer no stress sedation for animals that find grooming stressful making it simple to trim nails, trim hair and even bathe without a battle.    Click the button below for a list of grooming options and the cost.  Call 330-651-4666 and talk to

Cindy to schedule all grooming services.    


Grooming for Dogs
& Cats & More

Although we are a shelter for cats and dogs, we offer grooming services for all types of small animals.  If you have long haired cats, we offer a lion cut to keep you cat cool in the summer months.  If you have a bunny that needs its nails trimmed, or teeth adjusted, we will groom rabbits.  Our groomer is also experienced in clipping beaks and nails on exotic birds.  We are able to help groom reptiles too.  Our goal is to offer stress free grooming which is a benefit for both you and your pet, whatever type of pet you might own.   

Stress Free Grooming

Most pets can be groomed with the help of our staff successfully.  However, we do offer sedated grooming to ease the chance of safety issues for both your pet and those handling your pet.  Our sedation is safe and monitored by our staff during grooming.  Sedated grooming allows the groomer to easily trim nails, cut hair and complete the grooming without concern.  If your pet has anxiety about grooming, this may be an option for you.

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