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Other Services

In addition to our services listed on our main tabs, Angels for Animals offers the following services to the public.



Refundable with return of crate in good condition.


Monthly charges for crate rental are not refundable.


Angels for Animals offers a crate rental program for any family in need of a crate for their dog.  Dogs will naturally seek shelter, even in a house.  Generally, they will create it themselves by snuggling under a bed, a table, or behind a sofa.  When you provide a crate, you actually provide comfort and prevent excessive barking and chewing.  Crates are especially useful when housebreaking a dog or puppy or to give a dog a safe place to deal with separation anxiety.

A benefit of the Angels program is the ability to size your crate as your puppy grows.  If you start with a small lab puppy, you can keep sizing up as your puppy grows.  This is important because while you want your puppy to be comfortable, you don't want a crate too large during housebreaking.  You can rent a crate during our adoption hours.  A valid form of ID and/or credit card may be required for renting.


CAT TRAP:  $75

Several sizes and types are available.


Very large trap.  Will need a truck or SUV to haul.


Angels for Animals has live traps available to "borrow" for capturing abandoned dogs or cats.  A deposit is required to borrow one of our traps.  Once the trap is returned in the same condition as when it was rented, the deposit will be returned.  The following rules apply to renting a trap from Angels:

  • If the trap is not returned within 10 days, the deposit is forfeited, unless our business office is contacted and permits an extension on the trap agreement.

  • Deposits must be made in the form of cash, check or credit card.

  • The trap must be returned to Angels for Animals to receive the deposit back.

  • Traps may be picked up and rented from our Adoption Center during public business hours.  

dog license.jpg


Angels is an authorized agent for the sale of Mahoning County Dog License. 

Ohio law requires al dogs over the age of 3 months of age be licensed.  Dog owners are encouraged to register their dogs before the January 31st deadline to avoid late penalty fees.  If you are a Mahoning County resident, you can purchase your license during public hours at Angels for Animals Adoption Center.  If you are adopting a dog, you can purchase your license at Angels and it will be good anywhere in the state of Ohio.  Subsequent licenses however, must be purchased in the county where you are living.  

Mahoning County dog licenses are also available year round at various locations.  Go to the following link to see these locations:

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