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What to do if I find

Stray & Unwanted Pets


At Angels for Animals we welcome all animals.  If for some reason you need to rehome your dog or cat, you will need to complete a Surrender Form releasing your animal to Angels.  We will then do our best to find a suitable forever home.  Strays can be brought to the shelter.  We will check for a microchip, see if we can find its home, and then hold the animal for a period before it is put into the system for adoption.  Our goal is to do our best to provide a home for all animals.  Contact Angels at 330-549-1111 if you find a stray or need to rehome a pet.

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The cat population continues to grow with every cat that continues to roam unfixed.  The best solution is to trap these feral cats and bring them in to be fixed to prevent the over population.  Angels has traps that you can borrow to trap cats safely.  Simply contact Angels and we will do our best to take the cats in to the shelter or to find a foster.  Click the button below for more information on our traps.  Feral cats can also carry and spread disease.  Cats brought in to Angels are checked over by our staff and provided with the necessary care.


Our dog population is not what it used to be, so it is not as common to see dogs living on the streets.  At times, you can find abandoned puppies or older animals that have been dropped off to fend for themselves.  If you find that you are no longer able to care for your dog, or a situation arises that you cannot keep your dog with you; contact Angels to discuss options and/or possibly surrending your dog.  We also take in stray dogs if you happen to see one in your neighborhood or on the side of the road, if you can carefully catch the dog; contact Angels at 330-549-1111 or Diane directly at 330-502-5352

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